Composer, pianist, writer, raconteur, educator.


Dylan Knight Rogers


Dylan Knight Rogers is a composer, pianist, writer, raconteur, and educator. A Chicago native, he studied philosophy at St. John’s College Annapolis and the University of Chicago. As an undergraduate he studied piano, counterpoint, and composition with distinguished emeritus faculty member Elliott Zuckerman, sustaining a pianistic lineage which names Vera Maurina Press, Ferruccio Busoni, and Franz Liszt among its forebears. His philosophical scholarship provides a new account of the phenomenology of aesthetic dissonance. At the piano, Rogers’s performances have set him apart as an imaginative and concerted steward of the instrument, praised for his special command of pianistic tone and the depth of his interpretations. His compositions have been performed throughout the United States. He is a dog person.





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Dylan Knight Rogers
Sunday August 11th 2019 @ 4PM
Fulton Street Collective