"For Nature daily through her grand design breathes contradiction where she seems most clear..."

For Nature daily through her grand designBreathes contradiction where she seems most clear, For I have held of her the gift to hear And felt indeed endowed of sense divine When I have found by guarded insight fine, Cold April flowers in the green end of June, And thought myself possessed of Nature's ear When by the lonely mill-brook into mine, Seated on slab or trunk asunder sawn, The night-hawk blew his horn at summer noon; And in the rainy midnight I have heard The ground sparrow's long twitter from the pine, And the catbird's silver song, the wakeful bird That to the lighted window sings for dawn.

(Frederick Goddard Tuckerman, sonnet 26)

Sonnet 27 (Frederick Goddard Tuckerman)

So to the mind long brooding but on itA haunting theme for anger, joy, or tears, With ardent eyes, not what we think appears; But hunted home, behold! its opposite. Worn sorrow breaking in disastrous mirth, And wild tears wept of laughter, like the drops Shook by the trampling thunder to the earth; And each seems either, or but a counterfeit Of that it would dissemble: hopes are fears And love is woe: nor here the discord stops; But through all human life runs the account, Born into pain and ending bitterly-- Yet sweet perchance, betweentime, like a fount That rises salt and freshens to the sea.

Sonnet XVII (Frederick Goddard Tuckerman)

Roll on, sad world! not Mercury or Mars
Could swifter speed, or slower, round the sun,
Than in this year of variance thou hast done
For me. Yet pain, fear, heart-break, woes, and wars
Have natural limit; from his dread eclipse
The swift sun hastens, and the night debars
The day, but to bring in the day more bright;
The flowers renew their odorous fellowships;
The moon runs round and round; the slow earth dips,
True to her poise, and lifts; the planet-stars
Roll and return from circle to ellipse;
The day is dull and soft, the eave-trough drips;
And yet I know the splendor of the light
Will break anon: look! where the gray is white!