slavoj zizek

The Bible as Hegelian

"To give another example: why am I a totally atheist Christian? You know, in one sense Christ brings freedom. I think the only way to understand it is in this way. You are desperate: Christ was crucified, you are alone, you cannot count on divine help, I follow Hegel here; what dies on the cross is not just the son of God, it's God himself. Crucifixion means: there is no higher power pulling the strings secretly, it means we are left to ourselves. And you say: it's horrible, we are alone, blah blah. Yes, but that's the freedom God gave us. You see, to see the very thing that appears as catastrophe is the highest divine gift. Which is why I think the Bible is Hegelian. It's not as if you at first have bad news and then good news -- no -- the message of Christ is: you think this is bad news? Look again and you will see that this very news is good news. I die, I erase myself. It's bad news, yes, but -- it's your freedom; you cannot rely on me. It's good news." (Slavoj Zizek at New York University: September 26th, 2014)