Unveiling artistic dispositions

"I think you have to work your way through order to allow that order to shed light on what your own inner dispositions are. Sometimes you re-order your dispositions according to the color of that light. I think over the years there were a lot of things which, in earlier times I would be forced to reflect upon quite seriously, which now I say "I've been there, done that; I thought about this one, I know what I think about it, I know how it moves me." I don't need to sit down for a week and think about it again before I write music. Very frequently, I trust myself as an artist, by definition, as being de facto in a situation that, even if I don't discern what is happening at the time, that something meaningful will emerge from my activities. I guess it's just a sort of superior delegation: I delegate a lot more of my serious decision making to areas of my mind to which I don't really have direct access." — From a published interview with Brian Ferneyhough.