Jeeves and Lucretius

From Wodehouse’s Much Obliged, Jeeves

'And Spode has got a black eye, which one hopes is painful. In short, on every side one sees happy endings popping up out of traps. A pity that Bingley is flourishing like a green what-is-it, but one can't have everything.'

'No, sir. Medio de fonte leporum surgit amari aliquid in ipsis floribus angat.'

'I don't think I quite followed you there, Jeeves.'

'I was quoting from the Roman poet Lucretius, sir. A rough translation would be "From the heart of this fountain of delights wells up some bitter taste to choke them even among the flowers".'

'Who did you say wrote that?'

'Lucretius, sir, 99-55 B.C.'

'Gloomy sort of bird.'

'His outlook was perhaps somewhat sombre, sir.'