"I must ask you once more to be patient. I am becoming increasingly aware of how bad a virtuoso’s life is for someone, like myself, who is so ill-suited to it. Or is it easier for a person to change, and will I gradually become used to it? But in a word, not only is peace of mind delightful to enjoy (one forgets even that), it is in the process quite restorative to the things that preoccupy a virtuoso. Besides, Mozart took particular trouble in writing six beautiful quartets, so I will do my very best to turn out one or two passably decent ones. You will not be without them. But if I were a publisher today, I would stop applying pressure! I don’t mean to explain to you or lecture you by this! It is very pretty here, and in the days ahead the Becker Quartet will perhaps come and play you something new for publication?”

— Johannes Brahms to his publisher, 1869.