Elliott Carter on minimalist composers

Let me say, I think anybody should write what they want to write and what they think is important to write and assume the situation they want to, but I myself feel this is really a terrible thing because in my opinion we have been overwhelmed with the problem of advertising in the whole world, and advertising is a system of repeating the same thing over and over again, true or false, and trying to bulldoze the public into believing what they’re saying, and furthermore, we’re getting into more horrible and awful situations. We had this in many ways during all of our lives in propaganda. I mean, we have our own propaganda, but much more unfortunately, Hitler in propaganda. And I find that this repetition thing reminds me of all of that and I don’t like it … Well, I’m not saying that they want to do it but to me that reminds me of it. I’m not saying that they’re doing it that way but it bothers me very much that I see this in the background - having in the background this awful thing which is to beat people down to believing something just because it’s repeated over and over again, and this is terrible. In my mind this is a way of destroying intelligence. (source)