Clipping from the January 1908 issue of The Etude magazine

Again, learn all you can of the other arts — poetry, painting, psychology. Read, study and associate with others who are wiser than you. Study Nature — the mountains, woods, flowers, sky. Everything made by your Creator lies open before you; take it all into your soul, make it yours, and transmit it to your music. You say all this takes too much time. I advise that you try from now on to use every moment thoughtfully and see how much you will accomplish and how many hours you will have heretofore wasted. Everything is possible to you. You can become a pianist and more a musician by courage and perseverance. A Beethoven sonata must forever remain a sealed book to one who is merely a technician, for only to the musician is its beauty revealed. With such thoughts as these in mind, always remembering that the greatest geniuses were the hardest workers, men who never dreamed of giving up because of a lack of means or a teacher, or even health, witness Grieg, who worked on steadily in spite of sickness; witness Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann and a host of others who have worked not only for themselves but for all time. (Carl Reinecke)