"But, you know, all what counts for us is mystery. I don’t know why I love music, I don’t know what music is. Genius, I don’t even speak of it. We are fools to say, "he’s a genius." We want to say that he attains something which is at the highest point of sensation, feeling, belief, knowledge, attachment. It’s a very important thing. And, it’s why, when you are teaching, you are very concerned: have I not encouraged too many people? That’s the only thing you fear. So, when I see a young pupil, my first question is: “Can you live without music? If you can live without music, thank the Lord and goodbye!” Because it’s only if it is unavoidable that you must do music. But you can never love music with enough devotion. If not, you’re making a mistake! You engage your life in marrying somebody that you don’t love. It’s not a good idea, I think. I don’t know, I’ve never been married. But, somebody who wants to do it will never be discouraged. I will discourage him. But he will go into the streets, he’ll go to somebody else, but he will do it. The one that you must push will never do anything.” (Nadia Boulanger)