"At 58, Bobby Fischer is frighteningly strong at blitz."

From Martin Krabbé’s open chess diary, 2001. Fischer is supposed to have given up chess long before 2000; rumors have circulated that Fischer secretly competed online against highly ranked opponents.

Nothing more refreshing than a change of opinions, or as a friend of mine says: "I take back everything I said and claim the opposite." 

There were two candidates who could be the mysterious guest who beats masters and grandmasters with his sick openings - Fischer and a computer. In item 134, I said he couldn't be Fischer, but in the meantime, I found convincing evidence that he is not a computer. 

I found this evidence in a series of twenty-five 3-minute blitz games that 'guest71' played on 24 April 2001 against 'Beber', the French IM Robert Fontaine, who had then an ICC rating of 2827, and who has now a FIDE-rating of 2452. guest71, always with absurd openings, won 20 games, lost 3, and two games were drawn. 


To think that a computerized impostor would sometimes take a minute for a forced move to suggest that he's Bobby Fischer, would be too far-fetched. He must be Fischer, and he does this kind of thing to increase the odds he's already giving with his openings; he's also known to have added time to his opponents' clocks.

At 58, Bobby Fischer is frighteningly strong at blitz.